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“Embrace Islam, embrace Islam.”-Prophet Muhammad (SAW)        Go to Web TV and register for free to watch lots of Islamic channells in Arabic, English and Urdu     Amazing free courses of Quranic Arabic      Free tajweed (Art of reciting Quran) courses    Great resource of Islamic lectures, nasheeds, videos, downloadable Islamic books etc.    Listen to the recitation of Quran by numerouse reciters  Islamic lectures  very useful website for Muslim Mommys

An ideal book that can be printed off the web for new converts is found here:

At the Bellevue mosque, there are printed copies of this book in the bookshelf in the kitchen (top shelf) along with the “Brief  Illustrated Illustrated Guide to Islam” and “How to Pray” booklets for those seriously studying/learning.

  • For the prayer, these videos are very helpful:
            For those learning how to pray, these videos – tailored for new Muslims -take you “word-by-word” through the different parts of the
            prayer we need to memorize in Arabic, allowing time for you to repeat. This is a way many people memorize the prayer or Quran,
            through repetition.
             1. Introduction and Surah Al-Fatihah (Chapter 1 of Quran, recited 17 times total in our 5 daily
             2. How to begin the prayer with “Allahu akbar” (Allah is the Greatest) + Surah al Fatihah +
             3. What to say when bowing (rukoo) and prostrating (sajda)
                  Salat -s-Arabic-Recitation-Rukoo—Sajda
             4. Learn first Tashahhud (what you say when sitting after 2nd rakat/cycle)
             6. Second Tashahhud (what you say in the last rakat/cycle of prayer while seated)
              8. Dua (supplication) you can say after “Allahu akbar” and before Surah Al-Fatihah; and Surah Al Asr (Chapter 103; 2nd shortest chapter in Quran) to recite after Al-Fatihah—Asr
             9. Surah al-Ikhlas (Chapter 112) to recite after Surah Al Fatihah
Free courses in Quranic Arabic

Free courses in Quranic Arabic