Food Bank Services

The Al Islam Center of Seattle coordinates the feeding of 100-150 people every Saturday afternoon at 3:00pm in downtown pioneer square Donations may be sent to Al Islam Center of Seattle  P..O.Box 22515 Seattle Washington 98122-0515, items to be picked up call 206-261-7465  Feeding the homeless: Items needed are as […]

Al Islam Center of Seattle

Handouts for homeless with list of resources where they can find help This can be printed and given out to the homeless that you see on street corners along with your donation. The handout reads as follows: Need help till you get back on your feet? For Emergency Shelter Community […]

Homeless resources sheet for $1 Donation

Email: Each year at Ramadan an opportunity to donate with $$ or food to NW Harvest Contact : Janice tufte 206-675-2672  

Ramadan NW Harvest Drive