Ramadan Food Delivery for Needy Families

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  • Venue: MAPS
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Volunteers are needed to deliver food on Sat. June 4th as part of the Ramadan food drive to needy Muslim families.

This year we will be delivering food mostly to Muslim families housed in MHS (Muslim Housing Services) provided housing plus some additional needy families that we have been made aware of. We would like to make sure that food supplies that have been procured as part of our Ramadan food drive reach needy Muslim families in our community prior to the start of the blessed month. This will make it easier both for the families as well as for our volunteers.
We have arranged for food supplies to be packed in individual boxes that can be handed to each family. Each box will have
food supplies (rice, flour, oil, lentils, dates, sugar etc.) sufficient for a family of 5 for one month.
Here is how the process will work:
1. Volunteers will meet in the MAPS parking lot on Sat. Jun 4th at 10:00am. 
2. A list of names, addresses and contact phone numbers will be provided to each volunteer where they will be dropping off the food
3. Volunteers will pick up food boxes for each family on their assigned list from the parked truck and load them into their cars
4. Volunteers will drive to the address of their assigned families and hand over the boxes of food
5. If the family is not available or the boxes are unable to be delivered for any reason, we will have a designated central drop off alternate location
This is a great opportunity to get the whole family involved and share the spirit of Ramadan. Please let me know if you and your family will be able to help with this.
We are still raising money for the Ramadan food drive. Each box with one month’s food supply costs $60.
You an sponsor one or more boxes if you wish. Please donate generously for this cause.