• Permanent food banks established at all Eastside Masajids – ICOE, ICOR, MAPS, ICOB and Sammamish
  • Partnered with community organizations such as HopeLink, Muslim Housing Services (MHS) and Al-Sadaqqa to
    provide food for Homeless families
  • Completed a clothing drive across all Eastside Masajids to collect warm winter clothes for MHS
  • Ramadan food drive for needy muslim families in our area – provided food for the whole month of Ramadan to over 200 families
  • Clothing, toys and household items collected and sent to orphanages in Senegal, Africa
  • Adopted a village –  Tonegri- in Senegal Africa where we provide water, shelter and humanitarian needs to the 250+ people in the village
  • Counseling and support for Muslim sisters  – domestic violence, family issues coordination with API Chaya and other organizations
  • Assistance for Islamic funeral services – transportation, washing and shrouding, burial etc.
  • Hospice visits and coordination with local hospitals/funeral homes to educate on the caring of sick and dying Muslim patients
  • Islamic funeral rites workshops conducted at various Masajids
  • Single notification email list created to  reach individuals who are trained and available to conduct Janazah Ghusl
  • Several Panel discussions/workshops conducted on healthy marriages and family
  • Safety workshop conducted where officers from the Bellevue Police Department demonstrated how we could protect our homes from theft and breakins
  • Completed the backpack project to provide food to needy students in Bellevue high schools
  • Created a homeless resource sheet with information where the homeless can find help. These were distributed along with a $1 donation.
  • Ongoing sandwich making and distribution to the needy at North Helpline in Seattle – last Sat. of each month.
  • Providing hot meals at the Sophia Way Women’s shelter in Bellevue – Last Tuesday of each month
  • Support for Tent City and Camp Unity homeless shelters – hot meals, supplies etc.