Transitional Housing for Single Women

Transitional Housing for Single Women is one of the key service programs of MCRC 

Lack of affordable housing has exacerbated the issue of homelessness in the Greater Seattle area. The problem of homelessness is more acute among vulnerable demographics such as single women who are unable to find affordable and safe transitional housing while they get back on their feet. The Muslim Community Resource Center (MCRC) has been providing transitional housing options that are socially and culturally appropriate for single women in the Greater Seattle area for several years now.

MAPS-MCRC manages 4 transitional houses for single women in the Greater Seattle Area. These houses are safe havens for women experiencing homelessness due to a variety of reasons including domestic violence, death of a spouse to name a few. The case management for the transitional house in Seattle is done completely by The Sophia Way. For the remaining houses in Bellevue and Renton, MAPS-MCRC is directly involved in working with the women on their path towards self-sufficiency and financial stability so that they are able to exit our program and become eligible to apply for permanent, low-income housing offered by King county. 

One of our clients was referred to us by an emergency shelter on the East side that had given her a final notice to leave the shelter. Since this was a case of domestic violence and the client was new to the US with limited English language skills, no family and zero income, MAPS-MCRC inducted her in the Single Women Transitional Housing Program and gave her a safe and secure place to live. Working actively with the client for a few months, our case managers were able to connect her with the right resources and assisted her in getting a job at a reputed Hotel. The client was given ORCA bus cards until she got her first pay check and now she has saved enough money to buy her own car. 

Another client became homeless when a family member died and she had no place to go. At that time, all emergency shelters were full so MAPS-MCRC stepped up and moved her into a transitional house. Our case managers helped her find a job as a cashier in a parking lot. Another client became homeless when her roommate left and she was unable to pay full rent of her apartment. This can happen to anyone and she found herself forced out on the streets. She stayed for one week with some other family after which she was told to leave and find a place at a shelter. MAPS-MCRC found her a place in a transitional house and assisted her in finding a job at a day care. At the same time, she started studying. By the time she exited our program, she became self-sufficient and was able to afford rent and graduated from college as well. 

The demand for transitional housing is far greater than the 12 available beds that we can provide for our clients. at these housing units. We are seeking to raise funds to allow us to lease additional housing units and increase our capacity to provide case management to the clients that are in our transitional housing program.

Each $2,500 that we raise will allow us to provide transitional housing and case management for another 4 homeless women for a full month

A $10,000 contribution can help us support 4 homeless women for  6 months

A $25,000 contribution can help us house them for a full year

Donations can be made at DONATE ONLINE ~ MOHID ©

The comprehensiveness of our services and the network of our partner relationships ensures that our clients in our transitional housing programs do not simply get a place to stay but also get access to adjacent services such as counseling, legal services, medical and dental clinics, food pantry, vocational training and mentoring to get them to be self-sufficient as quickly as possible