Housing for Single Women

Transitional Housing for Single Women is one of the key service programs of MCRC 

Lack of affordable housing has exacerbated the issue of homelessness in the Greater Seattle area. The problem of homelessness is more acute among vulnerable demographics such as single women who are unable to find affordable and safe transitional housing while they get back on their feet. The Muslim Community Resource Center (MCRC) has been providing transitional housing options that are socially and culturally appropriate for single women in the Greater Seattle area for several years now.

We lease and operate 4 transitional housing units in the Greater Seattle area – 2 in Bellevue, WA, 1 in Renton WA and 1 in Seattle, WA. We partner with the The Sophia Way  on our transitional housing programs leveraging their expertise in case management. We have also leased and made available one of our housing units to The Sophia Way to house their clients. We have partnered with them to raise funds for their permanent women’s shelter that is coming up in Kirkland, WA

The demand for transitional housing is far greater than the 12 available beds that we can provide for our clients. at these housing units. We are seeking to raise funds to allow us to lease additional housing units and increase our capacity to provide case management to the clients that are in our transitional housing program.

Each $2,500 that we raise will allow us to provide transitional housing and case management for another 4 homeless women for a full month

A $10,000 contribution can help us support 4 homeless women for  6 months

A $25,000 contribution can help us house them for a full year

Donations can be made at DONATE ONLINE ~ MOHID ©

The comprehensiveness of our services and the network of our partner relationships ensures that our clients in our transitional housing programs do not simply get a place to stay but also get access to adjacent services such as counseling, legal services, medical and dental clinics, food pantry, vocational training and mentoring to get them to be self-sufficient as quickly as possible