Refugee Enablement & Integration

With increasing number of refugees coming in to the Seattle area, the need for services to help refugees find their feet and get assimilated into this country is very much needed.

MCRC works with several refugee intake organizations to support new refugees with their basic needs of food, clothing and shelter. We also provide services that allow them to get better connected with their local communities and faith organizations.

Housing Household Assistance Vocational Services Adopt a Family Program

Partnership established with refugee resettlement agencies as the go-to source for housing for incoming refugees

•Working with Muslim Housing Services to provision 10 rental units for incoming refugees

•Ongoing financial support (rent, utilities, food ) etc. for several refugee families

•Leased storage space actively being used by Muslim and non-Muslim organizations to store & distribute household items to refugee families in need

•Weekly collection and distribution of household items to several local families

• Clothing drives Syria

Partnering with local community colleges to identify courses that will provide vocational and English classes for new refugees

•Design of a a career counseling process in progress


The MCRC Adopt a Family program, started in 2013, is focused on matching refugee families with local host families.

The bonds on social and interpersonal connection between the host family and the adopted refugee family enables faster assimilation and allows for the fulfillment of the needs of refugee families with dignity and privacy.  Local host families serve as a bridge and conduit for understanding of the adopted family’s unique needs and situation. The host family has access to MCRC’s network of partners and service providers to provide assistance as needed to their adopted family.


The Role of the Host Family

The host family serves to support their adopted refugee family as they try to assimilate into their new environment. We encourage host families to connect socially with their guest families. Sharing meals, taking them to community events or outings, being there for them to talk and sometimes just listening is encouraged. As the families get more comfortable with each other, they can identify  more activities they can do together. Guarding the privacy of the adopted refugee family and being empathetic to their situation is probably the biggest request of the host families


The Matching Process


MCRC matches refugee families to host families using a few simple criteria

  • Family size
  • Number and ages of children
  • Address of residence
  • Country of origin
  • Unique circumstances if any

•Currently 10 families in program. For more information contact